11.30-12.15 What to expect when working with Romanians

Gain practical insights about the cultural differences among countries, in a business environment. The session includes results from studies on how values in the workplace are influenced by culture. Understand why people in different countries behave in a certain way and learn what you can do to improve your dealings with the people you work with. 

 Who should participate: all foreigners who live and work in Romania.





About the Speaker

Octavian Pantiș is a successful entrepreneur, speaker, coach and bestselling author.In 1999 he set up the Romanian office of TMI, an international training consultancy established in 1975 in Denmark, with offices in 40 countries worldwide.

Octavian Pantiș is a trained manager, holding a bachelor degree in International Business Relations and having attended a number of postgraduate studies on Marketing. He also holds a certification from TMI to run international consulting and training projects. Before joining TMI, he gained significant experience in FMCG and Advertising.

He hosted two of the largest business conferences in Romania, with Philip Kotler in 2005 and with Jack Welchin 2008. He was on stage with both of them, in front of an audience of over 1000 people at each conference. 

 He was named “Trainer of the Year” for 2010 and “Best Speaker” at the 2007 Training Conference


About the American Chamber of Commerce in Romania

The AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE IN ROMANIA (AMCHAM ROMANIA) is the first choice for advocacy and business growth in Romania. The organization was based in 1993 and it now represents over 400 members - U.S., international and local companies, with total investments worth over USD 20 billion and generating approximately 200,000 jobs. AmCham Romania is an accredited member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and part of the European network – AmChams in Europe. AmCham Romania is firmly committed to facilitating an open dialogue between the business community and the central authorities, promoting transparent solutions and priorities for making Romania a better home for businesses and increasing the country’s economic competitiveness in the region and at European level. AmCham has continuously advocated over the past 20 years for better policies in the areas of taxation, labor market, infrastructure, energy, health, education, constantly militating for a favorable, stable and transparent business climate. These are key factors in creating and supporting a healthy local business climate, creating value in terms of innovation, performance, and new jobs.