"You better jump -  From expat to being a part of the community" 

by Osnat Peled 




The workshop is targeted mainly to the business community, but gladly welcomes anybody who desires to make a change within the community!


The topics are: 

Being A business woman in Romania

Shall I “jump in” or stay an expat ?

The success story of BWFR 



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Speaker:  Osnat Peled

BWFR was founded by Osnat Peled, a former Israeli who relocated to Romania in 2005.Osnat, a real soul driven entrepreneur, has 18 years of practical business experience through several companies she has owned & managed successfully during the years. She currently serves as General Manager for Mentor Finance, a multinational private equity investment company. Osnat holds a great belief in women’s endorsement and the importance of dedicating and promoting women from any management position, entrepreneurs, business owners, NGO  leaders, corporate managers, as well any ambitious women who wish to increase their business activity, promote themselves, enlarge their network and progress their know how by having inspiration from other successful businesses and women from all kinds of sectors. This belief has led her to establish the non profit organization - Business Women Forum Romania, which targets all the goals above.  

NGO Presentation

BWFR is one of the most active and largest NGO’s in Romania, currently serving more than 800 members from all kinds of business domains, meeting on a weekly base to share thoughts, ideas, knowhow and creates business collaborations.