15.15-16.00 Feel at Home in Romania - tips and tricks from experienced expats

Adapting in a new country is never easy. At City Compass we know the importance of being informed and knowing the essentials in order to have a smoother transition. Join our workshop and get insights from two of our Managing Partners who have relocated in Bucharest themselves and have been working with expats since 2007.


Get insights on: 

  • intercultural adaption in business and leisure
  • particulartities of Romania people
  • tips and tricks for a smoother transition
  • exploring the most beautiful places and touristical attractions



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About Volker Moser

Volker is a Partner and Co-Founder of City Compass Group and runs its media business services. He also works as a City Compass Intercultural Consultant and is specialized in trainings, workshops and consulting services, targeted to the needs of international executives and their families coming to Romania. 

Even though he had lived in foreign countries during his education, Bucharest was by far the hardest city to adapt to that he had encountered. But after he started to like it (with great help from his partners), he is convinced that he can also help other newcomers to adapt and get to know the city and the country faster and in more detail - which is why he started the City Compass project. 


About Thorsten Kirschner 

He holds a master's degree in International Business and Cultural Studies and has been working as an international development and export consultant for more than ten years all over the world. He has been living in Romania since 2009 and he’s passionate about traveling.He is co-founder of TravelBuzau, the tourism development association of Buzau County, and of Carpathian Cluster Romania, Romania's first supra-regional tourism cluster. Since 2012 he has been a partner at City Compass and responsible for Tours & Events within the group.

About the City Compass Group

At City Compass Group, we love expats. We’ve been helping them feel at home in Romania for over eight years with English-language media, services, organizing brunches and live cooking lessons in Buzau county, customized city tours and team building and offering intercultural consulting.The founding members of City Compass have relocated to Bucharest themselves and have been working with this community since 2007.