“How to become a hero as an expatriate - by making yourself replaceable”

by Thilo Beyer 



Paradoxically, one future mission of expatriates is to make themselves redundant – and to identify and develop local talents. Especially in Romania, there are huge opportunities for this strategy.


Three corresponding questions are answered in this session:

◙ How can I develop a spirit of ownership and responsibility?

◙ How can I make my team’s talents and innovations more visible in the headquarters? 

◙ And, as a side effect: How can I make my own life easier as an expat, getting away from micro-management towards a strong local team?

 Benefit from inspirational approaches and pragmatic tools.


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Speaker:  Thilo Beyer

THILO BEYER, from Stuttgart is a passionate‚ business culture ambassador between Romania in Germany in both directions and both languages. He represents our first-rate cooperation partner ICUnet.AG. 

After graduating from Berlin and Iasi universities, he has supported more than 25 Western companies in Romania since 2006 – IT, BPO, automotive, retail, life science, finance, construction, FMCG etc. Together with his team of multi-lingual business culture experts from a wide range of backgrounds, he takes care for well-designed solutions with a clear international focus.

Company Presentation

With offices in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, China and Dubai, ICUnet.AG provides international solutions for 350+ companies: premium preparation for expatriates and their families, skills for global leadership and for global teams. 160 full-time professionals support thousands of executives and employees in their missions abroad, and revolutionize Global Mobility.