"Culture & children's play - the importance of an international environment and how this affects play" 

How play is perceived by different cultures


by Susan Eriksson 

 King's Oak


The workshop will focus on the importance of play - not only in the early years but throughout childhood.

Children learn to make sense of their world through play based learning experiences. Play contributes not only to the development of children’s fine and gross motor development and body awareness but to their ability to interact, collaborate, develop, and negotiate ideas. 

Children who don’t have the opportunities to play and act out situations find it harder to write creatively. “Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from learning, but for children play is serious learning. Play is the work of childhood” Fred Rogers.


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Speaker:  Susan Eriksson

After my first degree, I undertook a PhD in Microbial genetics, before completely changing direction and becoming a primary school teacher. After 6 years in early years I became an advisor for special educational needs in Wales, covering all ages between 3 and 18. Headship then followed and I have been a head in 6 very different schools. I worked for Monmouthshire and then Bristol taking schools out of special measures. Then wanderlust set in and I worked for Shell Education in Nigeria leading a very high performing British prep school. We then moved to Zambia, again in a prep school but in the far north of the country. Europe then beckoned and I am very fortunate to now be in Bucharest leading a wonderful, high achieving and creative school - King’s Oak

 School Presentation

King’s Oak is a truly International School with pupils from over 20 different nationalities learning together. The school follows the British Curriculum and ensures that children learn the skills necessary for them to succeed across the curriculum, preparing them for the future. The school has an exceptionally high ratio of teachers to pupils which enables every child’s learning to be personalised this is reflected in their excellent achievement.The school is situated in the north of the city only 10 minutes from Pipera and Baneasa.