Living and working in Bucharest as a foreigner in 2016 - is it cool or overestimated?

A panel discussion with insiders on expat experiences in Romania

by City Compass Group  


The purpose of this panel is to provide practical examples and ideas on the various aspects of life for foreigners in Bucharest in 2016, as well as highlight the recent changes with an impact on expat lifestyle. Speakers will cover expected trends as well as offer tips and tricks for a good life in Romania.



Consuela Dezso



Consuela is a Certified Coach, Business Consultant, and Speaker holding an MBA and CPA, and a passion for bringing out the best in others. She worked in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. In 2015, she returned to Romania to assist her fellow Romanians through her work. Her services include career coaching, training, start-up & small business consulting, and motivational speaking.





Thorsten Kirschner



Thorsten Kirschner holds a master degree in International Business and Cultural Studies and has been working as international development, export and tourism consultant for more than ten years all over the world. He has been living in Romania since 2009 and is passionate about travelling. He is co-founder and Vice President of TravelBuzau, the tourism development association of Buzau county, Director of City Compass Tours & Events and Managing Partner of Terra Carpatica.




Robert Brindley  


Robert Brindley is a graduate of Exeter University and started his profession in the mining industry as a geophysicist. Dr. Brindley, followed a moment’s inspiration whilst working on a kibbutz in Israel, decided to make a significant change in his carrier and become a teacher. He returned to England to undertake a postgraduate degree in Education and thence onto many international schools around the world (Italy, Australia, Venezuela, America and Uzbekistan). Over his years as an educator Dr. Brindley has gathered a wide variety of teaching and administrative experiences. In his various roles as teacher, Principal, Headmaster or Director in the schools that he has served, Dr. Brindley is happy to have “developed and nurtured an understanding and tolerance of differing social attitudes, perceptions and expectations.” Dr. Brindley is currently in his second year as Director of the American International School of Bucharest.


Affan Yıldırım


With an academic background in finance and business administration, Affan Yıldırım started his career in Turkey, in one of the most well-known international audit companies - PricewaterhouseCoopers. His career continued in Romania, being first the CFO and vice-president of Credit Europe Leasing IFN. In 2012 he became the CFO of Anchor Grup, taking the Interim General Manager position of the same company in 2014, further being named General Manager of Anchor Grup in 2015. One of his main objectives, after becoming part of Anchor Grup top management, was to well manage the renovation process of the two malls owned by the company – Plaza Romania and București Mall. These have been the first shopping centers in Romania to be renovated while open. Affan has extensive know-how and expertise in the financial field, real estate industry, retail and also residential and office developments.



Charles Lefebvre


Sociable and dynamic, Charles graduated University of Paris Dauphine in International Supply Chain Management. Experienced as a forwarding agent towards Africa, he has also worked as a Business Solutions Manager in the Bollore Group. Charles now places his knowledge in logistics and transport as Corporate Sales for AGS Bucharest. He is passionate about travelling and decided to leave Paris for working abroad at 25 years old, as a personal challenge.





Giulio da Sacco 

Giulio da Sacco started working in London as an insurance broker for Lloyd’s and then went on with insurance in Rome and Milan. After 13 years riding the career wave, a personal loss made him reconsider everything. He came to Bucharest to stay 6 months and ended up being the co-owner and founder of a little Italian restaurant called Grano, partner in an incoming travel agency, Beyond Dracula, and in Bitcoin Romania, the largest Romanian bitcoin exchange. With his wife Alexandra they are restoring a property in Mesendorf, a saxon village next to Viscri.Giulio lives in Romania since 2007 and has no desire to leave; with his wife Alexandra they have a daughter, Sofia, and another child on the way.



Anca Harasim 

Anca Harasim is the Executive Director of The American Chamber of Commerce in Romania (AmCham Romania) since 2000 and Vice-President of Harvard Club Romania & Moldova. In 1999, she obtained a Master of Public Administration from John F. Kennedy School of Government – Harvard University, as a Mason Fellow and Associated Kokkalis Fellow. Between 1999-2001 she was a World Bank consultant for Albania’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Program, as well as for the European Commission’s largest PHARE Program in Romania reforming the Local Public Administration. With more than twenty years senior-level experience in managing and developing non-profit organizations, of public policy and program strategic planning, management development and implementation of innovative reform projects in Central & Eastern Europe, she is currently serving on the Boards of many organizations.


Company presentation

City Compass was founded in 2008 by two German expatriates and a Romanian with the aim to make expatriates feel at home in Bucharest and Romania. In 2013, the City Compass Group was founded. City Compass Group offers a variety of high-quality information & services for expatriates, international companies and foreign tourists in Bucharest and Romania.