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Previous editions

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The First Edition of the Expat Fair in Romania took place on Saturday, the 3rd of October at The Ark and offered a day of information and inspiration for all the participants.

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The Second Edition of the Expat Fair took place on Saturday, 16 April 16  at Willbrook Platinum and offered once again a relaxed, casual and informative day, as the visitors described the event. 


Our partners

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First Edition 

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Second Edition

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*Our event partners took advantage of the networking opportunities and generated concrete business results, qualified leads, business partnerships or actual sales.


We had the pleasure of working together for Expat Fair, as Grecu&Asociatii provided the legal counseling, so we had an idea of what we should expect. The actual event surpassed our expectations, the people we met, old friends and new ones, bringing smiles and value to our experience. For us professionally the event was successful as we found new clients that in this short amount of time have become also friends. We believe in being friends with our clients, as working together and being able to provide with the exact desired outcome cannot be made without a certain degree of trust and communication, the foundation of a great relationship.
We were exhibitors at the first edition of the Expat Fair in Bucharest in October 2015, which was very successful.The school received lots of interest. We have recently had two new parents join the school because they met us there, and 4 new children became our pupils as a direct result of the fair.Thank you so much for organising another Expat Fair. We were delighted with the results from the last fair​ and​ will certainly be attending the second edition of the fair in April 2016.
The first edition of EXPAT FAIR - fall 2015, was a very pleasant event, organized with absolute professionalism. There was a cheerful and animated atmosphere where we were pleased to meet wonderful people, companies operating in complementary domains to our own and potential partners. We are looking forward to the next edition.
The City Compass team is young, enthusiastic and true partners. I have known and worked with them for a while and I believe they are wonderful ambassadors for Romania to the growing expat community in our country
City Compass is a group of beautiful, friendly and passionate people who put their heart and soul into what they do. Their enthusiasm and "work well done" attitude showed in the Expat Fair, and I really enjoyed interacting with all of them and collaborating with them for this event. 
The Expat Fair was a great opportunity to meet and develop new links with likeminded people. The lively, fresh atmosphere gave the event a real welcoming feel! Thanks.
“The Expat Fair by City Compass is an excellent platform for international business decision-makers in Bucharest. High quality exhibitors and visitors, premium workshop content, and inspiring networking.Thank you very much and looking forward to the next edition"
First of all, I would like to thank the whole team for the effort and the solicitude showed before the event and on the day of the event. Everyone’s enthusiasm was impressive, the attention of the organizers towards the participants was remarkable and of course, the workshops were very interesting. In this way we had the chance to identify and enjoy the different ways in which the event could have been approached. For me and my colleague Alina Ceamur, as representatives of Ramada Hotel & Suites Bucharest North, it was a great pleasure and a real honor to take part in the second edition of the Expat Fair organized in Bucharest. We were glad to meet wonderful people both representatives from renowned companies and participants and have interesting discussions with them.

This is how it was!

Both editions started at 10AM with Volker Moser's speech, partner and co-founder of the City Compass Group end ended at 4PM with casual networking sessions sponsored by Transearch, Ursus, Flavours Food Design, Domeniile Samburesti, Aqua Carpatica, Bauer Winery, and BĂCĂNIA ROD. 

During the event, all the participants had the chance to interact with people with similar interests and with companies that could provide them with services customized for their needs.

For each Expat Fair edition there were present more than 60 companies with tailored services and special offers for expats and 450 visitors (internationals living in Bucharest and Romanians alike) were gathered under the same roof in a friendly atmosphere.

The different topics workshops, organised by City Compass in collaboration with their partners, offered to the visitors the chance to discover interesting insights about living and working in Romania.


◙ "How do I choose the school for my child?" by the American International School of Bucharest (AISB)

◙ "What to expect when working with Romanians" delivered by AmCham Romania 

◙ "Immigration and tax requirements for expats coming to Romania" by PwC 

◙ "Your contribution to a better society in Romania" by Scoala de Valori 

"Your portable career in Romania, insights from a headhunter" by Transearch 

◙ "How to network in Romania" by Paul. J.R. Renaud 

◙ "Feel at Home in Romania - tips and tricks from experienced expats" by City Compass Group 

◙ "Adapt to this country at work and life" - a panel discussion with insiders on expat experiences in Romania by City Compass Group

◙  “The evolution and revolution of art in Romania”, by Silvia Rogozea, Art Safari 

◙  “The steps to registering and working as an expat freelancer in Romania - overcoming the bureaucratic hurdles”, by Andreea Tigau, Grecu & Asociatii

 "Culture & children's play - the importance of an international environment and how this affects play", by Susan Eriksson - King’s Oak - British International School 

­­◙  “You better jump - From expat to being a part of the community", by Osnat Peled, BWFR

◙  “Romania then and now - 25 years of change”, by Anca Harasim, AmCham 

 “How to become a hero as an expatriate - by making yourself replaceable”, by Thilo Beyer, ICUnet.AG

◙  “Living and working in Bucharest as a foreigner in 2016 - is it cool or overestimated?” - panel by City Compass Group


Attractive activities

The visitors described the Expat Fair as a relaxed, casual and informative day, already being eager to participate to the next edition. There were plenty of things to do at the Expat Fair. The visitors could:

                                                       ◙  Visit the stands

                                                       ◙  Claim the special offers from the partners

                                                       ◙  Attend the workshops 

                                                       ◙  Have fun while taking pictures  

                                                       ◙  Savour the amazing food 

                                                       ◙ Taste home-made traditional delicacies

                                                       ◙ Enjoy different coffee specialties

                                                       ◙ Try something French – sweet and savoury crêpes

                                                       ◙ Get some ice cream 

                                                       ◙ Try the Dutch poffertjes and stroopwafels provided by a group          

                                                          of international students 

                                                       ◙  Buy Romanian authentic souvenirs 

                                                       ◙  Buy culinary souvenirs 

                                                       ◙  Get enchanted by the beautiful AUDI displayed at the fair

                                                       ◙  Relax during the fair by having a massage session 

                                                       ◙  Enjoy the inflatable truck for kids 

                                                       ◙  Have fun while enjoying face painting, drawing and other                                                                                                                                        

                                                           activities at the kids playground

                                                       ◙  Play with a guide dog 

                                                       ◙  Meet new people and create new relevant contacts during the                                                                                                                               

                                                           networking session provided by our sponsors and supporters



Special offers 

valid only on the day of the event 

Expat Fair 1 & 2 as seen by our photographers